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The next series in the saga includes 5 classes of Bunnies: Valkyries, Vikings, Pirates, Shamans, and Sorcerers available on the Eth blockchain. Minting a bunny brings you into our World with a dynamically generated & unique NFT, made from traits hand-drawn by our Artists. Proof of Ownership is stored on the Ethereum network as an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token.






Frank & Christa La Natra


Husband and wife artist team, Frank and Christa La Natra bring you The Battle Bunnies.

Frank is a renowned artists, character designer, and has been celebrated in the tattoo industry for both his unique style and skills. He has won 100+ award for his tattoos across the world. Frank’s style of art transforms new school into an animated world with realistic lighting, vibrant backgrounds, and a dynamic perspective.

Christa specializes in photo-realism, but is well-versed in most styles of art including her degree in animation. She enjoys digital painting and the color theory behind all works of art.

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Food Fight Studios, founded by Jon Briggs, is an animation and creative studio specializing in unconventional content production.

Started in 2016 by animation industry outsiders, the team now has multiple awards and recognitions, including two Emmy® Nominations and one Emmy®-Award win.

From short-form content to documentaries, music videos, concerts, series development, and more of their work has been seen on an abundance of media platforms including Spotify, BET, Prime Video, MTV, iHeartRadio, and The Apollo Theater.

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Who are the Battle Bunnies?

Inside the grimoire, you will find the history and lore behind the Battle Bunnies going back as far as anyone remembers, as well as the individual stories being written as we travel along this epic journey.

On the lost continent of Carkayous, at its southernmost tip, lies Ferchett’s Island. West of the Shinokey Mountains, traveling through Shippling’s Gap, you’ll find a war that has raged on for centuries.

The Battle Bunnies and their allies have protected the enchanted waters of Imaginük Falls long before most can remember. No one is truly sure of all of the magical properties the waters hold, but one thing is certain: those who control the waters control the land.













Several clans and factions make up The Battle Bunnies world on Carkayous. The Vikings and Valkyries generally have the purest intentions for the lands of Ferchett’s Island. While, the Pirates and Shamans had long ago succumbed to the path of greed and power, wreaking havoc across the lands. The Sorcerers seem to have placed themselves right in the middle, usually finding ways to play both sides to their own personal ends. The Spartans, a deadly and elite fighting force, loyal to Imaginük Falls King Herald, are sworn to protect and uphold the lands from all who would do it harm.


How unique are each of the 5,000 Battle Bunnies?

Each Bunny is both unique in their look and combination of traits along with the specific hash on the blockchain for only that bunny. The 5,000 will be generated from over 400 traits.

How will I know which traits are more rare on my Battle Bunnies?

After Reveal, we will provide graphics illustrating the ranking of the traits in the collection as well as partnering with Rarity Sniper. Also, we will be hosting a livestream Reveal Party during the Reveal to talk a bit more about the rarity of each item and class.

When will the official Battle Bunnies Launch take place?

The official Battle Bunnies launch date is yet to be announced. Further updates will be announced to the exclusive Discord community of early supporters.

How do I Join The Battle Bunnies?

Our Allowlist is now Open in our Discord. An Allowlist is a list of early supporters of the project who get to mint before it goes to public sale.

Will The Battle Bunnies be a Sound Investment?

We aren’t financial advisors, so always do your own research, but here’s some things to consider:

  • We are a fully doxxed team, meaning you know who we are and we aren’t hiding our identities.
  • We have top of the line artists that are committed to quality and detail and don’t compromise.
  • We are in this for the long haul and have a roadmap taking us into the next decade that includes animations, VR utility and gaming ventures.
  • We are transparent about our decisions & include our excited, ever-growing community in our decisions.
  • Ask yourself, does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of?
What is an NFT?

Each Bunny is both unique in their look and combination of traits along with the specific hash on the blockchain for only that bunny.

How can you purchase Ethereum (ETH)?

You can purchase ETH in a range of ways, using crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, BitStamp, Kraken. etc. We recommend always making sure you do your research before purchasing a crypto currency, and making sure you are responsible with your finances, especially as the prices of crypto can be volatile. Once you purchase your ETH from an exchange, you can then transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a digital wallet where you can store your Ethereum, the cryptocurrency needed to purchase and mint a Battle Bunny. Your NFT will also be stored in your wallet.

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